Seongmin Lee CV

Multi-EPL: Accurate Multi-source Domain Adaptation

Public Library of Science (PLOS ONE), 2021


Given multiple source datasets with labels, how can we train a target model with no labeled data? Multi-source domain adaptation (MSDA) aims to train a model using multiple source datasets different from a target dataset in the absence of target data labels. MSDA is a crucial problem applicable to many practical cases where labels for the target data are unavailable due to privacy issues. Existing MSDA frameworks are limited since they align data without considering labels of the features of each domain. They also do not fully utilize the target data without labels and rely on limited feature extraction with a single extractor. In this paper, we propose Multi-EPL, a novel method for MSDA. Multi-EPL exploits label-wise moment matching to align the conditional distributions of the features for the labels, uses pseudolabels for the unavailable target labels, and introduces an ensemble of multiple feature extractors for accurate domain adaptation. Extensive experiments show that Multi-EPL provides the state-of-the-art performance for MSDA tasks in both image domains and text domains, improving the accuracy by up to 13.20%.


title={Multi-EPL: Accurate multi-source domain adaptation},
author={Lee, Seongmin and Jeon, Hyunsik and Kang, U},
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